570 Lawrence St #112 in the back corner of the Townhouse Plaza at 6th and Lawrence in Eugene

Hours: Open Mondays thru Saturdays from 12 to 8pm
and closed on Sundays

Recreational and Medical
We can now deliver to the parking lot. Please call in orders for in store or parking lot pick ups whenever possible. 541-636-4029 for all orders. Thank you!​​​​​​​

Flower on Special:
Total Price $8 a gram or 28$ an 1/8 including tax:

The White 31.65%THC (Indica-Dominant Hybrid)

Total price $6 a gram or $20 an 1/8 including tax:
*New Glitter Apples 25.0% THC 0.10% CBD (Hybrid) *New
Veganic Double Barrel OG 24.74% THC (Indica)
DPHHMF 24.49% THC 1.99%CBD (Indica)
Cookies and Cream 21.3% THC (Hybrid)
Purple Hindu Kush 21.62% THC (Indica)
Branded Purple 21.09%THC (Indica) 

Total price $5 a gram or $15 an 1/8 including tax:
*New Mimosa 25.51% THC 0.12% CBD (Sativa-Dominant Hybrid) *New
*New Chem OG 22.67% THC (Sativa-Dominant Hybrid) *New 
Do-si-do 21.72% THC (Indica-Dominant Hybrid)
Master Kush 20.9% THC (Indica)
*New Venom 20.08% THC (Indica-Dominant Hybrid) *New 
Blue Frost 18.91% THC (Hybrid)

Total price $4 a gram or $12 an 1/8 including tax:
*New Ice Cream Man 21.8% THC (Indica-Dominant Hybrid) *New
*New Purple Starburst 21.41% THC (Hybrid) *New
Platinum Purple 19.99% THC (Indica)
Purple Nepal 15.8% THC (Indica)

Total Price $3 a gram or $10 an 1/8 including tax:
Cherry Pie B Buds 22.3% THC 0.8% CBD (Indica)
Pineapple Express B Buds 22% THC 1.2% CBD (Sativa-Dominant Hybrid)
PHK B Buds 21.6% THC 0.9% CBD (Indica)

We will match any advertised price in the Eugene/Springfield area on the exact same product. (as long as it meets the division 25 rules of the O.L.C.C.)

Local high quality marijuana products grown by people with many years of experience. We carry a variety of high end and budget minded flowers(buds), pre rolls, edibles, topicals and concentrates all grown and made locally by people who care about the product and the people who enjoy them. 
10% Veterans and Seniors Discount on items not already on special or Siskiyou Sungrown products. Wheelchair accessible. Feel free to call our dispensary with any questions. Must be 21 and older with valid government ID or 18 and older with OMMP card and valid government id​​​​​​​

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Located at 570 Lawrence St #112 Eugene OR 97401. Open Tues thru Saturday 11am to 7pm and Sunday to Monday 12 to 6pm .

Please call 541-636-4029 with any questions or for off hour appointments.

Oregon Medigreen 570 Lawrence St #112, in the back corner of the townhouse plaza. 541-636-4029